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Seamlessly Connect Your MindBody Online® Account to Zoom For Live Streaming Classes & Never Have To Email Another Live Stream Class Link Again!

Free Yourself From Setting Up & Managing Zoom Classes and Student/Attendee Check-in MindBody Online Zoom Connector

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🔥  Automatically Create New Zoom Class Links In Your Zoom Account

🔥   Automatically Send Zoom Links to Students When They Reserve A Spot In Class

🔥  Automatically Send Reminder Emails As Class Starts To Slow Or Stop The Questions Of “Where’s My Link.”

🔥   Automatic Class Checkin When The Student / Attendee Arrives Online To The Class Or Session (COMING SOON)

🔥   Automated Link Types for Hybrid (IRL/Livestream), Livestream Only or IRL/In Person Classes Only Email Announcements (COMING SOON)

🔥   Record Classes On Zoom And Download For Your Own Library Of Classes (Optional Private Portal For Your Members)

🔥   Works With All Versions Of Zoom (Free and Paid)

🔥   Retain Members For Longer Terms

Inlet Yoga Case Study

✅  Uses MindBody Online® and Zoom for Livestreaming Classes

✅  10 – 50 Attendees Per Class

✅   Spent Hours Sending Emails, Following Up With Students

✅   Students Continually Lost Emails and Zoom Links

✅   Implemented and Saved An Average of 1 – 2 Hours Per Day

✅   Got Time Back To Work On Her Business And Not In The Business

Inlet Yoga’s Problem Was…

When COVID-19 forced Inlet Yoga to shut down their brick and mortar business, they immediately pivoted to online classes via Zoom.  Like most health & wellness and fitness studios, Inlet Yoga’s owner spent hours curating Zoom links for their 10 – 50 attendees per class multiple times per day.  Students would lose their link, text, and email her as class was starting, after class started, etc, and managing links and emails became cumbersome.  That’s when Inlet Yoga implemented lifted the burden of gathering, sending, and following up with emails as well as the burden of creating new class links for every class that were unique for security purposes.  

Since the initial deployment of, Inlet Yoga’s owner can now focus back on designing classes, workshops, training programs, new membership programs, and recognize the online business as an opportunity to ensure she can build her business during the unsure times of COVID-19.

How Does The Process Work? It’s An Easy Four Step Process!


1 – Place Your Order

Look below and click the order now button to get started.  It’s month to month and you can cancel anytime!  NO CONTRACTS and you’re not locked in.  Cancel anytime.

2 – Fill Out The Online Brief Right After The Order

In order to get you up and running as quickly as possible, we have some questions for you. This is a great time to let us know about your business, your students, clients, and members, what your goals are, as well as letting us know about other items of interest you may have.


3 – We Set Up A Brief Call With You & Learn More About Your Business

Once we’ve received your brief we will not only start working getting you up and running, but we’ll set up a call with you to verify the information and to ensure we’re on the right track.


4 – We Launch Your Business on, Connecting Your MindBody and Zoom Accounts

You Launch and watch new class links populate in Zoom as your students, clients, and members sign up to reserve a spot in the class or session!  You also get to breathe, knowing is now behind your business, helping you streamline your operations so you can scale during COVID-19 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to go live once I sign up?

It takes about 24 hours to go live from the time you sign up and submit the online brief as described in Step Two above.  We take your information and integrate it into our platform and then you are off to the races, and you can monitor or step away from sending links to your membership, students, and/or client attendees.

Don’t forget we’re going to call you to get the platform to verify the information we requested via the form to confirm it is correct.

What E-mail notifications do my members, clients, or students get?

Your attendees receive three (3) emails when they reserve a spot in a class.

  1. They get one email as a receipt letting them know that they reserved a spot for a class, session or meeting and that they will be receiving two more prior to class start. This email goes out immediately following signing up for a class, session or meeting.
  2. They get the second email with the Zoom link 15 minutes before the class, session or meeting begins.
  3. They receive the third and final email moments before as the class, session, or meeting starts with the Zoom link as a reminder in case they lost or deleted the one from 15 minutes prior.
Can I stop sending my zoom link out when I sign up for UConnect?

People who have already signed up for a class prior to getting you up and running may not get the link. This is something we’re working on so we find there is about 3 – 7 days overlap where you may want to continue sending out the link to class so that your attendees don’t miss out on it.

Can I customize the E-Mail address my clients see for the notifications from

Not right now.  We are working on enhancements for as we speak, and this is on the roadmap.  We’ll notify all our customers when this is completed.

What E-mail address does the invitation come from that gets sent to my students, clients, and members?

The email address your students, clients, and members will see is ‘”  You should communicate to your membership, etc. that they should add this email address to their contact list.

Where do I find the Zoom Integration Authentication information?

In order to set up your UConnect MindBody Online® and Zoom connection, we will require some information from your Zoom account.  Please see the instructions below.

  1. Log into Zoom with your login credentials.
  2. On the left-hand side of the page locate the menu item “Settings” under the PERSONAL section.  
  3. Click on “Settings”
  4. To the right of “Settings,” you will see another menu.  At the bottom of that menu please click “Other”
  5. You will be taken to the bottom of the page and will see two items, your key and secret.  They will look like this (DO NOT USE THESE):
    1. key: (EXAMPLE ONLY) 8hNirWDUQSicMcOJ83No9A
    2. secret: (EXAMPLE ONLY) vtu5jAtTdxQXGOEJz9AXBGEkzXyykn8td7II
  6. Copy and paste your key and secret to the appropriate areas of your Online Brief.
How to I switch Credit Cards or update my payment information?

Yes, you can go to this link and update your contact and/or credit card information: Login Here

Is there a Login and Password for my account to manage Zoom or MindBody Online.

No, not yet.  Technically you do not require a management portal, but understand that in the future, you may want to switch Zoom accounts, or make changes to the service yourself.  This is on the roadmap and will be provided at no additional cost to you when completed.

Where is the link for the Online Brief?

If you’ve accidentally closed the ‘Thank You’ page after placing an order or lost the email with the Online Brief link you can find it here: 

Our Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee If doesn’t make your life easier after 60 days.

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